Welcome to FOS Image UK

At FOS Image UK, we don’t just want to run an image consulting firm without values. There are few things that drive us and they are the things that keep us going as an organization.

our vision is to be the go-to image makers helping people and corporations build a strong brand and image that stand them out in crowd.

This vision has been a good guide that keeps us on track towards being the global brand in image consulting.


Satisfied Clients90%
Projects Completed100%
Satisfied Brand80%

Corporate Image


At FOS Image UK, we believe that every place, every organization and every person is a brand. So, we are always working with our clients to make sure they have an image that distinguishes them from others with similar attributes and competence.We offer a wide range of corporate image services to corporations and their employees at all levels and these include:

  • Corporate branding
  • Political branding
  • Business image
  • Space design/decor
  • Executive presence
  • Image impact workshop
  • Employees personal branding
  • Presentation skills and techniques
  • Non verbal communication skills
  • Menswear workshop for corporate executives


Here is a further reading related to corporate image and how it affects organization’s profitability. The study which is recently published is providing great insights about the subject. The study could be reached here