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Want To Look 30 When You Are Actually 60? Read This!

By Wumi Balogun 4 months agoNo Comments
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When we are in our 20s, we want to look mature and serious, and when we are in 60s we want to look young and energetic. Looking young is a good thing. You may use anti-aging creams for this purpose, but I want to offer tips that are free of cost. These are simple tips and you can easily use them in your daily life. So, stop worrying about your age.

Here is a tip. Forget about your age. Stop counting your breaths. Think about what you want to do in your life. It is important to write your goals and the time of their achievements. I want to ask you a question. When do you want to die? I know your answer. You said, ”never”. It is okay but for most people, 70 to 90 years age is enough. Pick a number,let say 85 years and write it in your diary. Schedule your goals according to your defines age and believe me you will not feel old in your 60s.


We cannot control time, and with every passing moment, we are getting older. Time does not take rest. So why bother ourselves by thinking about things that are beyond our control? Embrace positive thinking. It is one factor behind every success.  
Take a look at positive thinkers around the globe and what you see in them is happiness and how this makes them look young. These people also smile a lot. Sometimes, a genuine smile is better than every gift in the universe. Life is a journey. Difficult times are  apart of that journey. In every difficult situation, smile a little and that particular problem will be solved.

To look younger than you really are, drinking more water is necessary for you. And this is besides spending some time alone in greenery and open air. Walk for 20 minutes. Green trees convey the message of life and beauty. Go in your nearby park. Forget everything and just focus upon the fresh air and green trees. When you do this exercise daily, it will have a great impact on your life. Games are also a great way to be young. Games help us maintain the athlete spirit. Athletes are energetic and they look young that their real age.

Genie Bouchard

Personally, one thing I always do to keep me young and fit is taking a good rest before I am tired. If you can take a rest now, then you should not wait for being tired. Relaxed sleep for 8 hours is important. It will increase your performance, you will feel better, and you will look young.

Other than following these tips, you may use anti-aging creams, facials, masks, and massages. They are good to look young. But here is my advice: Always buy from trusted companies and start using them when you are 35 years old. One company I have patronized for skin care products is Wilde Skin Care, an Australian company well known for its skin care products with proven results.

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