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Your Suits? Here Is How To Look After Them

By Wumi Balogun 5 months agoNo Comments
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Suits, like every other item, need adequate care and attention to keep them in real good condition. Anything short of this is an indication that the wearer is not capable of doing the least of work required to make himself look good.

As an image consultant, I have worked with clients who dress themselves in very expensive bespoke suits or off-the-rack suits but always ask me the usual questions of ”how do I look after my suits?”, ”how many times do I have to wear my suits before cleaning them?” and ”how do I fold my suits?”. And I bet you there is no end to these questions. It is what has inspired this blog post.

So, let’s say you have got two to three or four suits, bespoke or off-the-rack, the way you maintain them goes a long way in determining  how long they last in your wardrobe. The best ways to look after them are what we are going to be looking at here.

Rotating: Creating a rotation between your suits is one good way to make them last long. It is simply the same thing you do with your shoes. Own a few suits and rotate them within the week.

Dry Cleaning: Unless it is really necessary, dry cleaning is one thing you don’t want to do too often with your suits. The harsh chemicals used in cry cleaning the suits cause a sever damage to the fibres of the fabric. And this is why it is important to invest in steam cleaner and fabric brush. Take some caution against pressing your suits with dry iron. I have seen many guys walking around with suits that have shiny lapels. This is an image detractor.

Spare Trousers: When you are buying or getting your suits made, always get spare trousers. This helps to prevent your suit pants from wearing out and fading in color. Some men just have a single pair of trousers for their suits. This is not an ideal thing to do.

Storage: Here, you want to make sure you have got the right wardrobe to store your suits. Suits are made with fabrics that often need space and the air to breathe in. And before storing them, make sure they are properly cleaned. Storing them should be done on the proper hangers that can help keep them in shape. I have always helped my clients store their suits on wooden hangers. When folding the trousers, use the Savile Row fold.


Don’t Load The Pockets: A number of men still do it and they don’t seem to see any wrong in it. To prevent your suit from losing its shape, you have to stop loading the pockets with keys, wallets, calling cards, bank notes and receipts. You should avoid doing this not just with the front pockets but with the back pockets. It is sheer lack of style etiquette. The style I use with my clients is sewing up their trousers’ pockets.

Hope you enjoyed this.




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 Wumi Balogun

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